Loving mooring

Amarração Mago do

Amarração Amorosa  Através da Magia Negra 

Pare de ser enganado por aí com trabalhos com entidades chamadas de luz para trazer a pessoa amada. 

Você não terá o seu amor com essas entidades ou com esse tipo de trabalho  apenas gastará o seu dinheiro e não terá efeito algum sabe o porquê ?


Quando se trata de interferência no livre arbítrio de alguém como é o caso da Amarração a única força ou magia  capaz de promover essa interferência na vontade de uma pessoa é a Magia Negra.

The spiritual work of Loving Mooring serves the following cases:

  • Return with spouse / boyfriend / a;

  • Conquer the loved one;

  • Extramarital relationships;

  • Warm up the mood in any relationship.


Spiritual effects of a mooring?

Don't fall for these stupid beliefs that a mooring job can bring bad things to you, it doesn't exist! Unfortunately, we have this concept ingrained in our society about the law of return and the law of deserving, two absurd conceptions invented by religions. Certainly somebody in your life has already done something against you and surely you are still waiting for the person to have what they deserve and nothing right?


I'm sure that at some point in your life you worked hard for something and did everything to get it and in fact deserved to get it and didn't get it right? Well, the only truth of all this is that there is no spiritual court which will judge cases of work and spiritual magic as some people in a childlike way think. Things in the spirit world do not work that way and are not as organized as people imagine.

If you want something or someone will have to find a way to achieve it is that simple and not at all romantic way that the world works, looking for solutions without taking any action does not lead anywhere!


To be happy in life and in love it takes courage, attitude! Is it necessary to have an attitude that makes things happen or are you going to watch the happiness of others from your rival or from your rival with folded arms crying like a loser ?


Types of Mooring we do?

There are two types of moorings that we carry out depending on the case and on the degree of difficulty, as well as the urgency of having the loved one as quickly as possible and mainly the customer's choice in relation to the type of mooring to be performed.


Tying through high magic spells and rituals in Luciferianism and tying through demonolatry worshiping demons who perform this type of work in exchange for something that will be offered by the magician responsible for the work or ritual.

Loving Mooring works for everyone?

Yes, mooring works for everyone as long as a prior consultation with the oracle is made

to know the real situation and the best means for the magic to be achieved.

What can be used for mooring   ?

Usually we only use birthdates, photos (together or separately), names of the people involved in the mooring is enough depending on the case, having the confirmation through the oracle we use personal objects of the person who will be tied, be it a cord, earrings, clothes or any object that has already been used by the person.

In some cases we can also carry out an extremely strong consecration within the Luciferian Black Magic of an object to be presented to the person who will be permanently tied.

How long to have resulted in loving mooring?

Each situation has its own time for the magical effects of the mooring, but it all depends on the type of ritual or work that will be done as well as the type of person that will be tied if things like that are protected by some entity or divinity.

The mooring that we perform through high Luciferian magic has a period of 15 to 33 days, while the mooring through the evocation of demons has a totally different period and can occur in a few hours or days such as 3, 5 or 9 days to have an effect .


What are the values ​​of a mooring?

This issue has already been addressed in our works and rituals page. Be wary of people who use a fixed price and value table. Each case is different, each situation requires a type of magic and material and we only see it through the Luciferian oracle. For those interested to have a basis for carrying out a mooring in a simple situation, the average value will be R $ 850.00 reais.

              PACTO COM LILITH



O Pacto com Lilith pode ser feito para União de Casais de forma que os mesmos nunca mais venha se separar seja por qualquer motivo ( intriga, magia, inveja, bruxaria, feitiço, trabalho .)  Se você tem certeza absoluta quer ter a pessoa amada para toda a vida faça o pacto com Lilith . Lembramos que o Pacto com Lilith é um poderoso ritual que de forma alguma pode ser desfeito ou anulado seja por mim ou por qualquer outro mago, bruxo, sacerdote.


Portanto só faça o Pacto de União de Casais caso tenha absoluta certeza ,pois uma vez feito não há como voltar atrás .


Lilith é a Grande Deusa da sedução e do domínio dos desejos sexuais , o aspecto primário do Sagrado Feminino desde do início dos tempos ,a Grande Rainha dos desejos e mistérios do corpo e da magia em seu aspecto feminino.

pacto com Lilith R$ 1.666,00



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