Luciferianism and the Left Hand Path

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Those interested in the philosophy and ritualistic practice of Luciferianism will discover that modern society and culture has conditioned from the first years until now a perception of negativism and the slavery of our possibilities of life.

Luciferianism is unique in the foundation of thought and in contact with higher forces that have the possibility to awaken, and to deprogram our thought patterns and the exact way in which we perceive the world around us.


Luciferianism in its broad conception, whether deistic, theistic or agnostic, is guided by these principles:


I- Lighting




V- Independence


VII- Strength

VIII- Power


Luciferianism is closely linked to what we call "The Way of the Left Hand" in the following maxim: "My will be done!", Denoting the strong adherence to the ethical principles of individualism, in clear opposition to everything that morally bases the way of the hand right. The left-hand path or simply "Via sinister" and the right-hand path are a dichotomy between two opposing philosophies found in the western esoteric tradition. They cover various groups involved with the occult and ceremonial magic.


1) The Left Hand Path is to recognize and accept the thirst for power inherent in every human being instead of repressing it out of fear and hiding it in a basement.


2) The Left Hand Path is to take the reins of one's own destiny.


3) The Way of the Left Hand is not to conform to the vassal role that was dealt with, tear up the script and cut off the hand of the one who wrote it and with his own blood, sweat and tears, to write and change history.


4) The Left Hand Path is to be active rather than passive, interfering in the Universe, and at the same time finding the balance of Baphomet.


5) The Left Hand Path is to recognize that man is the sole cause of all effects rather than placing responsibility in the hand of God or the Devil.


6) The Left Hand Path is to prefer death to slavery.


7) The Way of the Left Hand is to perceive its superiority and not to flaunt it, because one god recognizes the other, and the sheep bow to the gods without them having to say a word if they want.


8) The Way of the Left Hand is like a predator knowing how to use silence and dark songs to its advantage, because the enlightened ones walk in darkness, the fool revolts against ignorance of others the wise one takes advantage of it.


9) The Way of the Left Hand is to pull off the blindfold that covers your eyes without fear of what you might see, it is to prefer a bitter truth to a sweet lie, it is to work for the fulfillment of your desires instead of waiting for others to do for you. you.


10) The Way of the Left Hand is to prefer a minute of ecstasy to a dull eternity, it is to try to make the most of life without fear of reprisals, always to evaluate the possible consequences of your actions, but never to be taken in by other people's opinions.


11) The Left Hand Path is to ignore what others may think of you, just as they ignore their own ignorance, it is to seek to know yourself and the universe that surrounds you, it is to open the forbidden door without caring about possible punishments because that is the price to pay for knowledge.


12) The Left Hand Path has no guides or shortcuts, it is a dry and deserted road that winds its way to infinity, a path covered with guides is without merit, the path without signs is easy to deviate from your destination, but the left hand path itself is already a detour and you make your destiny there.


13) The Left Hand Path is to be sure that it is better to reign in hell than to serve in paradise.



Luciferianism does not embrace the patriarchal model adopted by traditional religions, having as main deities the great god Lucifer and the great goddess Lilith rescuing the divine feminine who, before the patriarchal monotheistic ideologies, reigned in absolute reverence and harmony since the times of the oldest civilizations.


Luciferianism adopted several ritualistic and ceremonial practices from other magical systems, thus characterizing a chain of ideas of its own with distinct objectives in this doctrine. Influences on Luciferianism range from ancient pagan rituals to contemporary concepts of the Occult and the Left Hand Path. The internal and external practices that involve Luciferianism are linked with the Luciferian philosophy (internal) and the ritualistic practices (external) that involve the ceremonial magic of each rite that vary according to the practiced aspect and its use of demonolatry.