Mago Negro do Caos

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Luciferianismo Mago do Caos

Wizard, Wizard and Master in Evocatory Demonic Luciferian Black Magic, initiated in the occult arts of Western Demonolatry and Ancient Stregheria (witchcraft) in the evocation of ancient spirits through necromancy. Connoisseur of Hatian voodoo and associating such practices with Satanic Luciferian ceremonial magic for rituals and demonic works.   Adept of the Shadow Path and Luciferian Quimbanda, writer and profound knowledge and also researcher of the Occult rites of the Left Hand Path, especially Luciferianism and Traditional Satanism.


Knowing the ritualistic practices of the cult, the deities Lucifer and Lilith, master in the art of conjuration and evocation in the Ceremonial rite of the Satanic Luciferian demonolatry Imperium Infernis which comprises the pantheon of the 13 Major Demons, 13 Angels of the Abyss and the 33 Demons Regent of Demonic Legions and spiritual.


I have no time to waste with the poor, curious, indecisive, being as clear as possible, your life and your problems will only have my attention from the moment you come to surrender and entrust your problems in the hands of the deities and demons with whom job.


I service all over Brazil and abroad.

For overseas I only work with the Western union transfer method.

Direct contact with the Chaos Wizard:



21 980873664

Chaos magician