Luciferianism and the Luciferian egregore


Egregore is a spiritual force created from the sum of collective energies (mental, emotional) resulting from the congregation of two or more people. The term can also be described as being a field of extraphysical energies created on the astral plane from the energy emitted by a group of people through their vibrational patterns.


All human groups have their characteristic egregores, where the energies of individuals come together to form an autonomous and more powerful energy (egregore), capable of realizing in the visible world their aspirations transmitted to the invisible world by the generating collectivity. The egregore is created by thoughts and feelings, which comes to life and is fed by mentalizations and psychic energies. It is an autonomous entity that is formed by the persistence and intensity of emotional and mental currents.


The Luciferian Egregore is far from being a group of people who worship evil, to begin with we understand that true evil always comes in the guise of some good, as is the demiurge, for example, who claims to be salvation, in the light and love and in However, it is separatist not tolerating the physical, spiritual and sexual freedom of the human being, generating hatred and intolerance among human beings on earth for "love" to their name and as a reward, paradise will be given to those who follow their booklet.


The Deist Luciferian Egregore believes in enlightenment and freedom instead of the fear and servitude implanted by the church through Christianity. As deist Luciferians we believe in the deities that we exalt in our rituals as well as in all of his Legion. Yes, we believe in the supernatural and the governing forces unlike other Luciferian and Satanist egregores who adopt the model of the archetype living only in the philosophical field of Luciferianism and Modern Satanism.


In fact, the egregious Luciferian deist does not agree in her rites with the death of animals for the use of her blood in rituals, nor the absurd idea of human sacrifice for rituals or of other horrible activities described in fundamentalist propaganda by the curious.

We look at Great Ethan Lucifer and Great Goddess Lilith as deities free of duality and moral, ethical and religious concepts standardized on our material plane.