Luciferianism questions and answers


Is Luciferianism a new religion?


Answer: Luciferianism is not a religion because it does not contain the dogmatic character that exists in all religions, that is, a pattern of how to behave, live and worship each Luciferian is free to make his own way as well as in all aspects related to the Left Hand Path.


What is the origin of Luciferianism?


Answer: The origin of Luciferianism is very old, the cult of Enki dates back to an ancient divinity of the Sumerian-Babylonian civilization, passing through Greece, in the cult of Prometheus and Phosphorus, arriving in Rome in the figure of Lucifer itself, who was worshiped as a God Roman and by the Yazidis, such as Malek Taus, Shaitan, passing indirectly through the sect of the Luciferians of the century. XIV.

What does the Luciferian believe?


Answer: The Luciferianism belief can be summarized as follows: We worship the Eternal God Lucifer and the Great Goddess Lilith as the two main divinities of our Luciferian strand the Chaos Luciferianism in which the Sacred Male and the Sacred Feminine are properly deified and represented among the cult the Major Demons and their Legion. We believe that Lucifer is the Lord of Enlightenment and wealth and that the world in which we live only the enlightened will be magnified according to the endorsement of our Major Lucifer deity.


What is the purpose of a Luciferian?


Answer: Self-realization is after the growth and knowledge of yourself and the spiritual world that surrounds you as well as the conquest of pleasures and material accomplishments.


Can we become Luciferians by study alone?


Only in agnostic Luciferianism, which is merely atheistic and philosophical, with regard to Traditional Deistic Luciferianism, that is, believing in divinities and demons, it is not possible to become a Luciferian only through studies, because it is necessary to connect with the divinity that initially it is made through the pact and afterwards it is maintained with the rituals inherent to Luciferian rites to obtain power and fulfillment granted by the divinity or deities that we worship.