Before God or Angel, demon or man,

there was only Lucifer, the principle of continuity and eternal existence.

Venerable Lucifer is absolute and if you understand that neither heaven nor hell can affect you, know that when you contemplate Lucifer's presence, enlightenment has been achieved.

Pact with Lucifer

Welcome I am the Chaos Mage and I am here to guide you on the Path of Luciferianism.

There are two types of Initiation in Luciferianism: Philosophical and Ritualistic. Both should

walking together as a body, philosophical initiation through knowledge and internal transformation, while ritualistic initiation being achieved through the Pact with Lucifer and his liturgies thus achieving external transformation.

I am at the disposal of all those who have conditions and want to be truly initiated into Luciferianism with philosophical initiation and ritual initiation together as they should be.

Initiation to Luciferianism is something serious and should not be taken lightly, in this context I will be the one who will guide and guide you with the philosophical and ritualistic knowledge of Luciferianism to follow your own path, the initiate within the rites presented it is subordinate only to the spiritual hierarchy, above all to the divinity to be agreed upon, despite the vast knowledge that will be presented, we do not have the traditional hierarchy of orders and temples, nor their commandments, monthly fees and internal laws.


Luciferianism being linked to the Left Hand Path that advocates freedom and individualism, so it makes no sense to stick to certain hierarchies and commandments that will not actually contribute to the enlightenment of the initiate.


There is only one way that I, Wizard of Chaos, carry out the Pact with Lucifer for all initiates, there is no such thing as having different types and qualities of pacts with different values, no matter if you have a lot or a little money, the pact, as well as the its value will be the same for both, following exactly the spiritual guidelines and obeying the only command that is absolute in our view, which is the hierarchy of Venerable Lucifer and his Legion.


1) Who can carry out the Pact? We are a family owned and operated business. Every person over the age of 18 with a strong, healthy, balanced, persistent mentality and above all who has an open mind to absorb a new spiritual world that will be presented to him. We are a family owned and operated business.


2) Why should I make a Pact with Lucifer?


I- Iluminação 

A maioria das pessoas não enxergam o mundo como ele realmente é , pois  foram doutrinadas em suas bases com crenças limitantes que condicionaram a uma falsa visão de mundo que não corresponde com a realidade.






The Pact with Lucifer is a natural selector for all those who want to follow theistic / deistic Luciferianism, being considered at the same time an alliance with the deity Lucifer and a ritualistic rite of initiation to Luciferianism. We are a family owned and operated business.


3) How long will I have the result of the Pact? We are a family owned and operated business. The fool lives the sweet illusions that are shown to him, the sage lives with the bitter certainty of the truth. Forget about this absurd idea of ​​deadlines as if the deity had an obligation to give you what you want and within the time you think is reasonable! Things don't work that way when it comes to a pact with divinity.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Your goals can happen in days, months or years depending on your intelligence of your effort and your connection with Lucifer.


After the fulfillment of the covenant, be affirmative in your purposes and truly give your way into the hand of the divinity that things will happen. We are a family owned and operated business. We are a family owned and operated business.


Lilith is the Great Goddess of seduction and the domain of sexual desires, the primary aspect of the Sacred Feminine since the beginning of time, the Great Queen of the desires and mysteries of the body and magic in her feminine aspect. We are a family owned and operated business. On the side of a Great Lucifer God there is a Great Goddess and this is Lilith.


The pact with Lilith will be able to be made by all those regardless of gender and sexual orientation who feel the call of the goddess in their soul, body, spirit. The Lilith Pact is made for the cases of attraction of both male and female sex to bring out the Sacred Sexuality that will awaken the deepest desires of all the people who pass through your life. We are a family owned and operated business. Being Lilith's daughter or son is sure to have the power of seduction running through your veins, into your soul carrying the primordial essence of the goddess in your life.


Belzebu o Grande Monarca do Submundo a junção dos nomes Baal+Zebûb significaria “Senhor que voa” ou “Senhor dos Ares”. Em verdade, Zebul é uma forma de designar aos hebreus o “quarto céu” ou o que é “Sagrado”, a “casa”, o “Templo”. Mais uma vez, Baal+Zebul significaria “Senhor do Templo” ou mesmo “Senhor do Céu” e isso nos remeteria também a Bel.


Quando adentro a escuridão eu chamo Beelzebub , quando eu derramo sangue  ofereço a ti Maioral , tu que trazes a dor e a morte aos meus inimigos. Apresente-se ao meu lado com tua força satânica , os mistérios das maldições habitam em ti , a face da vingança habita em ti, a face do ódio habita em ti, que abençoa os fortes  e amaldiçoa os fracos de alma e coração. 

Os ritos macabros dedico a ti Senhor da escuridão, imperador das legiões de demônios e  espíritos sanguinários , as lâminas das guilhotinas do mal estão em suas mãos. Quando eu evoco o diabo eu chamo Beelzebub  para que a língua do meu inimigo seja arrancada e  não possa pronunciar o meu nome , que os olhos do meu inimigo sejam perfurados, e assim não poderás  me ver, e também que suas mãos sejam pregadas  com muita dor e sem nenhuma misericórdia para que ele não possa  me atacar.

pacto com BEELZEBUH R$ 1.666,00



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