opening ritual

of paths


If you are experiencing several difficulties in life such as: Lack of employment, problems in the affective area, you cannot establish your business, nervous system touches, you who sometimes feel like wanting to disappear or even to die.

Nothing happens by chance for everything there is a reason and an explanation, there is a great chance that spiritual works are hurting your path and while another more powerful force does not act against what has been done, the tendency is for them to continue to go wrong either in the aspect sentimental, financial and family.

If it is confirmed through consultation with the Luciferian oracle the existence of any Black Magic whatever the time and its origin, we perform a powerful ritual dedicated to the Major Demons so that any force that is blocking the person's path is broken.


Many people look for Loving Binding because they are unable to maintain a lasting relationship and forget that they may have been the victims of some revenge or work of some ex or else of anybody out of envy and that is why they cannot find a good partner in their life. life.


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