Black Magic Rituals


Consulta ao oráculo Luciferiano 

O valor da consulta R$ 200,00 reais 

A consulta ao Oráculo Luciferiano serve para esclarecimentos,orientações e direcionamentos de cunho pessoal e espiritual a  todos aqueles que procuram respostas para os seus problemas e questionamentos.

I perform different types of rituals and works and Spiritual Interventions, however, I am careful and very sincere with all our consultants and clients.


All of our works and rituals are AMORAL, that is, we do not judge and / or care whether you want to destroy or raise someone's life, what we care about is how to do it and how to achieve the proposed goals.

Oráculo Luciferiano Mago do

spiritual interventions that I perform through evocative magic in Satanic Luciferian demonolatry:

  • Improvement of financial situation. Customer Movements and Billing;

  • Opening of Paths related to Financial Life;

  • Movement of Customers in commerce, sales, etc;

  • Affirm and make progress in Contracts, Societies and Partnerships;

  • Games Luck;

  • Get a Job;

  • Promotion, Recognition and Professional Growth

  • Smothering of Person and / or Couple;

  • Cleaning Residences and Companies of Spells, Magic and Harmful Influences from Eguns, Exus

  • Love, Passion, Establishing Relationship, Security in Marriage;

  • Attractiveness for those who work with exploration of the Body;

  • Mooring for HETEROSEXUALS;

  • Mooring for HOMOSEXUALS;

  • Union spells;

  • Luck in Love;

  • Attract Love;

  • Separation of Couple, Friends, Partners, Relatives, etc;

  • Disease Spells;

  • You bring legal problems to someone;

  • Depart or Get Rid of Legal Problems;

  • Financial, Loving, Corporate Attacks;

  • Domination Ritual (So that the person silences his will in some specific matter)

  • Mental attacks

  • Destruction rituals for various purposes

  • Removal of rivals


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Chaos magician

Mooring ritual with demonic entities approaching in 9 days and definitive result in 19 days.
Livre-se definitivamente dos seus inimigos levando-os para o inferno através da Magia Negra Demoníaca .

Trabalho para impotência total sexual  do homem.

Esse trabalho é perfeito para vingança ou controle da mulher sobre o homem ,pois é possível dentro da Magia Negra fazer um ritual para que o homem broche com outras mulheres e funcione apenas com você. 

O órgão sexual masculino é entregue a um determinado demônio que será muito bem recompensado ao qual se encarregará  em deixar o homem completamente perturbado e louco sem entender ,vai ficar desesperado ,pode ir no médico , tomar medicamentos ,pode ir no feiticeiro  ou pai de santo essa Magia Negra de maldição  não poderá ser desfeita salvo pela evocação desse demônio que só eu Mago do  Caos tenho acesso no trabalho. 

Magia Negra para

1) We do not perform rituals or work related to curing diseases due to art. 284 of the Penal Code - Crime of Curanderismo
2) We do not perform any types of rituals, works, pacts for children under 18 years.
Ritual Mago do Caos

frequently asked questions:

1) Are there deadlines for works and rituals?

Yes, in all our works and rituals after the completion of the same, we give a time limit in which the effect will occur.

2) Will something happen to me or my family if I perform a job or ritual?

No, all the rituals and works performed in the demonic line involve only two parts, the devil and the one who evokes him, no matter what the problem or situation is to be solved. We know of the great responsibility that it is to give you with these forces and that is exactly why we charge for works and rituals, because a demon is not evoked without offering him something first.

3) Who guarantees that the work will actually be done?

Always preserving the anonymity of our customers, we send the videos and photos of the rituals and works performed as well as the necessary explanations and guidelines after the performance.

4) Why are the jobs done at a distance?

For demonic entities there is no time limit and space can be anywhere, at any time, as they are governed by the elements of fire and air. The works and rituals are done at a distance just to preserve our customers, because as mentioned above, those present participating in a demon evocative ritual will also commit themselves to it, and in cases of face-to-face rituals we make this very clear to the our customers that we cannot guarantee their total spiritual exemption as we do in the case of rituals performed at a distance.

5) What are the values ​​of the works and rituals?

There is no table with a fixed value for works and rituals, each situation is a situation, and should be treated as such. There are situations easier to be solved with just one ritual, it is possible to solve the problem and achieve the results, however there are more complex situations that require two or more rituals or even continuous rituals until the situation is resolved. Clearly and objectively everything depends on who you are, what you want as well as the person you want to tie, dominate or destroy.


All of these factors influence the form and type of ritual to be performed, which demonic entity will be indicated to solve the problem. So be wary of those who send you fixed amounts of work before you even know the real situation of the problem, this is a great sign that you may be dealing with an amateur or even an internet charlatan.

We conducted a consultation with the Luciferian oracle or, as the case may be, a demonic evocation to find out the real situation of the problem and what means will be necessary to achieve the results, be they binding, domination, prosperity, destruction, removal of rivals, etc. After the consultation or the demonic evocation, together with the expenses and the necessary path to be carried out, we inform the value of the ritual or the work to the client.

6) What is the value of the consultation to perform a work or ritual?


The consultation fee is US$  150.00 



7) Can the Works and Rituals be divided into installments?

Yes, some works and rituals can be parceled out, except the Pact with Lucifer, Pact with Lilith and the agreement with the demons, these types of rituals cannot be parceled out by their own ritualistic nature.


55 21 980873664

 Mago do Caos