domination ritual

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Domination Ritual control and submission is a Ritual that goes far beyond a mooring for example this powerful ritual is done to me within Demonolatry with direct action by demonic entities in front of the victim.

The Ritual is indicated for people who want for some reason to have the person in their hands, as stated above is a powerful ritual and does not admit regrets or is once done not as to be undone. Yes, this image well describes the kind of effect we look for in a Ritual of Domination, certainly the dream of many women, however it is an extremely complex ritual divided into three parts:

1) Initial attack (To fears and weaknesses)

2) Partial control (psychological and sexual dependence)

3) Submission (Can no longer contradict the other party)


The Domination Ritual is a direct attack on the psychological side of the victim, usually attacking his fears and weaknesses and instilling a certain idea or behavior so that it is carried out in a strong and at the same time subtle way, the victim finds himself without reaction before your dominator or your dominator as if you were really being dominated by her or him.


People can be romantically involved with each other or not, they can be monogamous or not, there can be sexual practices or not, and both dominant and submissive people can be of any gender and sexual orientation.The demonination ritual has the value US$ 650.00


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